God’s Outlaw is a Wisconsin-based rebel country band that performs originals, a Johnny Cash tribute, and other old school country music like the top hits to the B-side gems your grandpa listened to. God's Outlaw does country the old way. Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, David Allen Coe, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams (as well as Jr. and 3).

The band was formed in 2002 When Brian Smith and Eric Bulgrin went on an epic bender that lasted over 5 days and nights with lots of drinking and no sleep. The quantity of whiskey and beer they consumed can not be measured by modern scientists, but when it was over, they were both wearing cowboy hats and holding guitars in the back seat of a stolen Pickup, they immediately knew what must be done.

Well, maybe not exactly that way, but one day Big Smith found himself longing for the old sounds that he grew up with when he'd ride somewhere with his grandfather. He found an old Johnny Cash cassette tape, and started to listen to it in his truck. It didn't take him long to start singing along with that tape, and later singing along with a guitar in hand. Following these events, Brian "Big Smith" Smith was joined by Eric "E-man" Bulgrin with the classic Luther Perkins pickin' style that naturally complemented the acoustic guitar and the low, smooth voice of Big Smith. In the years that followed, these guys played with many talented musicians an bass, drums, fiddle, and more.

After several years of dedication, bass player Paul "wrecking Ball" Scharlau left God's Outlaw to settle down in the country. He lives back in the woods, you see...and he can survive. Anyway, he planted a suggestion in the ear of his friend and also upright bass player, Jason "Sawboss" Kloss, that he should pursue the open spot left by his exit. Though it took some more time to connect those dots, Sawboss began to play upright bass with the guys, and will continue to do so...at least until the law catches up with him!
Gods Outlaw