• “Martin Guitar Player of the Month April 2012 Brian Smith "We perform original and cover songs all over the state and have opened for Hank III, David Allan Coe, Dale Watson and a few others. I don’t plan on making a living at it or becoming a rock star. I just love to play."”
    Martin & Co. - Martin Guitar Blog
  • “God's Outlaw has released their debut EP entitled "Poetic Justice". Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeff Hamilton (Violent Femmes, Betalica). It contains 4 rebel country songs. You can find it on Itunes, Amazon, Google Play and CDBaby.”
    God's Outlaw Music
  • “Frank’s Power Plant will be hosting local, um, “outlaw” country group God’s Outlaws. With .357 String Band disbanded, you need a different rowdy bunch of twangy bastards to get hammered to, and this might be the one. Expect to hear songs you’ve forgotten about, songs you couldn’t possibly forget about, and songs from way before your time, all predating the pop-country uprising of…well, whenever that happened.”
    WMSE - WMSE 91.7FM Music News
  • "The Milwaukee outlaw country trio God’s Outlaw celebrates country in its most bruising, hard-drinking incarnation."
    The Shepherd Express
  • "If you’re Cash fan you may want to check them out. If you’re not a Cash fan, check them out any way. You just may be a fan by the end of the evening, of both Cash and God’s Outlaw."
    Jennifer Bronenkant - Maximum Ink Music Magazine
  • "Smith with his rich baritone voice was born to sing Classic Outlaw Country. He is backed by guitar player Eric “E-Man” Bulgrin and upright bassman Paul Scharlau. These friends look like they are having a great time making music together."
    Jennifer Bronenkant - Maximum Ink Music Magazine
  • "Today, God's Outlaw are in the fortunate position of not having to ask for gigs. Instead, venues come to him, a status God’s Outlaw achieved by establishing themselves as a raucous, hard-pickin’ country band."
    Jason Haas - Bay View Compass
  • "When Smith’s voice washes over the crowd, people instinctively began to tap and nod their heads, do a private little dance. The music feels like hearing from an old friend who’s been gone too long, but is sure glad to visit."
    Jason Haas - Bay View Compass
  • “With Brian Smith's uncannily identical voice to the American legend, this rebellious country band is a must-see. Let us repeat: a must-see. Armed with Cash songs, other old country songs and the band's originals, you'll be musically and spiritually uplifted with this amazing acoustic group. Promise us you won't miss it!”
    Bay View Neighborhood Association
  • “God’s Outlaw has nearly 100 jukebox classics in its repertoire, and you can be sure that none of those songs are by Kenny Chesney or Carrie Underwood.”
    The Onion A.V. Club
  • “With his near dead-on Cash-style baritone, just listening can give a person chills. The show can only be experienced.”
    Dan Vierck - Maximum Ink Music Magazine